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Shop: Express gifts!

Do you want to offer an illumination, but you are in a bit of a hurry?

Do not panic !


The illuminations below are available quickly. They are already framed, ready to offer!

Payment: paypal.

Reception: hand delivery in France or careful packaging and dispatch by post.

For any purchase: contact me

All occasions: illuminations and calligraphies

Religious events : illuminations and calligraphies

Short lead time : personalized bookmark

Bookmarks for reading enthusiasts ... and everyone else! For yourself or as a gift.

18 x 5 cm. Calligraphic bookmark in rotunda gothic with filigree or ornate initial. Brown ink for writing (cassel extract), red or blue ink for the pattern. On white paper. Blank back. Plasticized.

Completion time: 7 to 15 days. With personalized back, delivery time: around 15 days

Price: € 7 + shipping costs. Price: 12 € to 15 € + shipping costs

For any purchase: contact me


It's up to you to choose the first name, the color and the type of motif !

Some examples below.

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