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Gifts for a religious event


Catholic, Orthodox, Reformed Christianity and Middle-Eastern Churches.
For other religions, see paragraph at the bottom of this page .

Do you want to offer a unique, precious, original gift on the occasion of an event in the life of Faith ? Offer an illumination !

Each illumination is produced, according to your tastes, on paper or parchment, with or without gold leaf.

The list below is not exhaustive, all your ideas are welcome.

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All occasions

- Christian symbol: Latin cross, Huguenot, Coptic, Greek ; dove

of the Holy Spirit, Ichtus, Bible ...

- Copy of a medieval illumination


Birth and Baptism

- Initial of the child's first name
- Initial of the child's first name with its patron saint
- Virgin Mary, Virgin and Child

- Patron saint
- Guardian angel
- Illumination around the theme of the Good Shepherd
- Holy family
- prayer of Holy Virgin
- Our father
- Evening prayer
- Illumination representing the Baptism ceremony

First Communion

- Illumination with the Chalice and the Host
- Illumination with a monstrance
- Mass : the Consecration
- The Lord's Supper
- Illuminated text of Panis angelicus



- Creation around the theme of the Cross or the Faith

- Bible quote


- Illumination on the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

- Text of the Veni Creator, Veni Sancte Spiritus or other prayer

Christian wedding / wedding anniversary

- Monogram (initials of the first name of the husband and wife intertwined)

- Calligraphy of the prayer composed by the spouses for the wedding ceremony
- Holy family

- First calligraphy and illuminated page of a guest book or photo album
- Golden Book

- Creation of Eve

Ordination of a priest / deacon / bishop
Solemn vows / gift for a monk / a nun
Thanks for a priest
Gift for a consecrated person

- St patron of the priest / monk / nun
- Calligraphy and illuminated Bible phrase
- Priest celebrating the Eucharist
- Patron Saint of the monastic order concerned welcoming

the new monk / the new nun
- Illumination around a theme dear to the recipient of the gift:

prayer, mass, welcoming the poor, Eucharistic adoration ...

Other occasions

- Christian symbol to offer for all occasions: Latin cross, Huguenot, Coptic, Greek ; dove of the Holy Spirit, Ichtus, open Bible ...

- Patron saint

- Scout prayer

- Prayer of Consecration
- Prayer related to a profession (prayer of the craftsman,
doctors, bakers, etc.)

- Gift for a theology student
- Phrase, quote or prayer in another language

(using Latin or Hebrew characters only)


- Bar mitzvah gift, Bat mitzvah

- Wedding gift

- Illumination around a symbol (Star of David, Menorah ...)

- Hebrew calligraphy (square Hebrew): text you want.


- Birth gift

- Wedding gift

- Ornamental page (illuminated page with arabesque patterns)

- Wishes for good health, or text of your choice in calligraphy (in French only)

Other religions : sentence, quote or prayer in French or in another language (using Latin characters only).

For the Far Eastern religions, please contact a specialist.

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